Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Christmas in Canada

Below are some pictures from our time in Canada over Christmas with Jeremy's family. We had a number of classic Canadian Christmas experiences: pond hockey, caroling in the snow, party crackers (the ones with the free hat and toy inside), and the 17-year staple: the Quinn crossword puzzle on Christmas morning! Enjoy - we'll post more pictures later...

Here we are with our gingerbread house - made from scratch. It took nearly a whole day to complete. In the picture (L-R) are: Melissa and Steve, Julia, Erin and Jeremy.

We played Skip-Bo with Stephi Mutch (seated far right) one morning - she managed to beat us all! But we had a great time hanging out with her and looking at some of her pictures - she's got some great old-school ones of the downhere boys!

Thiessen "Von-Trapp" family leading the caroling at the Caronport Christmas Eve service.

Jeremy and his brother Dave accompanying us=}.

What a lovely bunch of coconuts!

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Karen said...

Hello Jeremy and Erin. I enjoyed your blog and pictures. You guys are amazing! God bless you and I look forward to seeing you back soon. Karen