Monday, August 6, 2007

Pictures from Creation West

A tribute to our Creator! This festival is definitely one of the most scenic locations we've played. Downhere played on this stage to start off the evening. It was such a treat to have my parents out for this event. They drove from Montana to see us. I had fun getting excited with my mom when she saw Jeremy on the jumbotron. It was a blast sharing this part of our lives with them! They were also a big help at the merchandise table... thanks Mom and Dad!
During their set some lady threw this hat on stage and Jason brought it back to Jeremy for him to wear.
The river by the Gorge had a section that is known for it's dove shape... my Dad took this picture with his phone.

My proud Father waiting for downhere to come on!
My Mom and I with the crowd behind us... Doesn't she look fabulous in that shirt=}!


Dirkey said...

It was so nice to see you!

Mark said...

Hrmmm very cool. I must get to a larger downhere venue ... one of these days!

Krista said...

These are great pix Erin! Being at the Unity festival this weekend was awesome! It's so neat seeing the band at an outdoor festival - being backstage was pretty cool too! Mark - you've got to go to one, for sure!

Becky said...

Those are really nice! I really liked meeting your parents at the merch. table before hand!